A Logo Animation creates a long-lasting impression

Why having a Logo Animation is important

If you prefix every video you do with your own logo animation, it gives a professional feel and continuity to your videos and reinforces your branding. A logo animation is perfect for Power-point presentations, social media branding and website marketing including YouTube pre-roll ads.

Our logo animations start from only €50

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Reasons to buy:

Increase conversions rates

Customers trust quality, professional animated videos grow brand awareness and increase conversion rates.

Don't break the bank

We have very affordable prices and you get to choose which options best suit your business and budget.

Get your message across quick

Explain your product or service quickly in a professional, visual and attention grabbing manner.

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Our simple process:

Step 1. Place your order

Simply fill out the order form above, send us your logo and pay to have your logo animated!

Step 3. Video production

This is where your logo comes to life! Our skilled team of artists will begin animating your logo.

Step 3. Review and download

You will get to review the logo animation. Once completed you can download the HD video!