Tips and Tricks to Make A Video Go Viral

A viral video is an online video that becomes popular through being shared across online platforms, particularly social media.

They are usually cost effective if done correctly, giving you access to a huge audience.

Keep it Short

Make it short, shorter videos are more likely to be watched in their entirety. The longer a viral video continues the less likely the audience are to continue watching.

Tell a Story in the Video

Create an engaging, entertaining viral video. The audience must enjoy the video or be engaged with it meaningfully in order to want to pass it on to the other people in their social network. This should reflect your brand’s image if possible but the video should not be overly promotional as this can be off putting when it comes to sharing the viral video.


Make your viral video relevant to the moment in time that it is published, by linking your video to a pre existing and current topic or idea it gives a greater chance of connecting with a wider audience.

Engage Viewers

The video should be a form of entertainment in itself. This differs from most ad’s which serve to make the product look great above all else. Viral videos tend to create a strong emotional connection with the viewer. This often results in funny videos. Comedy isn’t the only route however. Any emotional engagement from the viewer may be harnessed correctly to create a great viral video.

Be Unique

Make it different. Viral video has to be different from a normal advertisement in order to generate interest and momentum. If your video doesn’t contain a fresh perspective then it won’t be noticed and shared.

Plan your Marketing Strategy

How will you push your video out to the public? It is important to have a good plan to get that initial push your video needs to catch on in the public consciousness. After this initial surge the video should take hold and spread organically through social media, provided it has the right components to be a great viral video.



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